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Intestinal Protection

Intestinal Protection

Moringa is a powerful aid to combat intestinal infections and cleanse the flora, as it’s high in Vitamin B12, which participates in blood production and stimulates the immune system.

By restoring balance to the digestive system, Moringa plays a key role in intestinal protection and all-round health.

Healthy Gut, Healthy Body

Exclusively with a healthy intestinal flora is it possible for our bodies to produce and properly absorb vitamin B12. Moringa provides a robust colonization by healthy intestinal fauna, which, added to its content in vitamin B12 has a significant effect both on the production of blood, and on Immune System functionalities.

When intestines show signs of chronic inflammation, they may cause the block of vitamin B12 inside the mucosa, preventing it from reaching the Circulatory System.

Moringa heals our gastrointestinal tract, which contributes to getting rid of chronic inflammation, to eliminating toxins from the intestine and to purifying if from infections, gastroenteritis, parasites and fungi like Candida Albicans.