What is Moringa?

Moringa is a tree. Moringa Oleifera is a variety of the 13 different species that exist.  Moringa Oleifera is the best known, studied and also the most consumed. Originally from the Himalayas. Moringa Oleifera is commonly known as MORINGA.

What is it used for?

It is a natural dietary supplement. It is a nourishing and cleansing food. Beneficial for skin problems (soriasis), diabetes, sleep, anxiety and depression. It boosts energy, the recovery of muscles, improves blood sugar levels, digestion, increases defenses and improves the mood.

¿Why do people want to buy Moringa supplements?

Health benefits have been demonstrated. It is the most complete superfood, due to its properties and active principles.

Compared to other supplements, it not only provides nutrients but also prevents the appearance of disease: it nourishes you today and prevents you tomorrow.

Nutritional deficiencies are avoided by taking dietary supplements, because of their high vitamin, mineral and antioxidant composition.

What part of the Moringa tree is suitable for consumption?

All parts of the Moringa tree (leaves, seeds and flowers) are suitable for human and animal consumption. The most consumed are leaves that are rich in protein, minerals, carotene and antioxidant compounds, and are not only used for food, but also in traditional medicine. Leaves are the main source of vitamins A, B and C. They can be cooked as spinach. Or dry and use to make tea or soups.

The green leaves, flowers and pods of Moringa are plants common in the Asian and African diet for centuries.

How do I take Moringa?

Nowadays, a simple way of taking Moringa has been developed: through powder capsules, this is a solution designed to consume Moringa daily in proper quantities.

How do I take the capsules?

It is recommended to start with a low dose during the first two weeks, with two (2) capsules a day and then adapt to the generally recommended dose of four (4) capsules a day, distributed over breakfast and lunch, or together. With plenty of water.Nutritional supplement: should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet. The body needs two grams of Moringa to be well nourished.

Which other ways do I have to eat Moringa?

Apart from capsules it can be eaten as dehydrated powder, being recommended to take 1 teaspoon twice a day. With water, juice, yogurt or vegetal milk, or added to your smoothies. Another option would be fresh Moringa leaves added to salads or soups (similar to Spinach). Last but not least, our favorite option is cooking Moringa Tea made by dehydrated leaves and Moringa flowers.

BRILLIANT IDEA: You can daily consume the capsules and every once in a while replace some intakes of capsules with an infusion of Moringa dehydrated leaves or a teaspoon of Moringa dehydrated powder implemented in a meal.

Is it even more effective if I take more Moringa?

Taking a larger amount of Moringa won´t lead to an increased effectiveness. It is more effective to keep up over time and make it become a habit. Therefore, it is important to take the recommended dose, and complement this dose with a healthy lifestyle, besides that it is strongly recommended to consume fruits, vegetables, and to exercise regularly.