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We bring the latest in information and communication technologies to MORINGA Canary Island. In our Innovation and Internationalization project, we couldn´t have left out the latest sales trends: The E-Commerce.

With boosts such as the exclusive offer for the E-commerce launch: 6+ 1 Bottles of 120 Moringa Powder Ecological Capsules.

It is of great importance for us to be where the customer needs us, although we like to call him “Amigo de la Moringa” (Moringa Friend), because he not solely acknowledges and enjoys our product, we want to believe that, he also shares with us the enthusiasm for the Tree of LifeMoringa is a present from the nature that until now has been hardly known in Europe, yet we are sure that it is here to stay.


Our Organic Plantation located on the Island of Tenerife opens up to the world becoming both global and multicultural. The now existing possibility of reaching our farm from every corner of the planet arises thanks to the Electronic Commerce and the Social Networks.

The Canary Island Archipelago is an outermost European region, which offers an excellent combination: on the one hand, we meet European quality standards and on the other hand, we benefit from the subtropical climate, volcanic soil, Atlantic winds, non-existent atmospheric pollution which leads to a supreme quality agriculture.

All this is immensely beneficial for the Moringa crop we grow.  In these advantageous conditions we created MORINGA Canary Island: a company with European Organic Farming Certification (AE) and a quality that is not given in such abundance in other parts of the world: being known as Red Moringa, with Active Principles and Antioxidant Value of higher value yhan conventional Green Moringa.

In order to broaden the scope, MORINGA Canary Island is also available at AMAZON for the main European markets.  With the aim of helping Europeans to enjoy the best of their Ultraperipheral regions through this site. A world of possibilities at a click.

Another commitment to communication includes an interview for Spanish Television (Interview on RTVE) in the programme: “Aquí la Tierra” (Here the Land) in which we explain very closely the advantages of our crop and many interesting data on the potential of Moringa Oleífera.

Additionally, within our international strategy we have worked this year on a high-quality documentary in 5 languages for online channels and broadcasting at trade fairs. The trailer can be watched on Youtube:

A new and exciting challenge is taking place in the Social Networks where in a very brief time we have gained many new “Amigos de la Moringa” on Facebook, we are also glad that we can share all our knowledge in nutrition and vegan groups.

From the very beginning we have been aware of the importance of visiting International Fairs within our project of making ourselves known overseas. We participate every year in at least two International Fairs related to Health and Ecological Nutrition.