Moringa Oleifera

The Tree of Life

Moringa Oleifera is known as ‘The Tree of Life‘ in ancient India for its active ingredients, for the regenerative power it concentrates on its leaves. It provides vitality, health, well-being and harmony.

It has a very high Nutritional and Therapeutic value, together with ORAC values, which determine the Antioxidant potential, higher than any other known plant, which makes it the star of Antioxidants.

It is full of minerals and vital vitamins. In regard to proteins, it contains all of the essential and nonessential aminoacids (19 out of 20) for the synthesis of proteins, in the optimal shape for their proper intake.

It contains valuable fatty acids: Polyphenols and Catechins that have a powerful anticancerous effect, being Salvestrols the natural response against cancer cells. And Zeatin, a hormonal source of youth.

Nutritional, Therapeutic, Antioxidant

This potential of beneficial elements activates and balances the Metabolic System, stimulates the Immune System, and contributes to eliminate allergies and inflammatory diseases. It also protects against cardiovascular illnesses. Beta-Sitosterol is the best resource against diabetes, cholesterol and arterial tension.

It cleanses the intestine, that does for humans what roots do for plants, by contributing to the maintenence of its flora and, this way, promotes weight loss.

Its triple action, that is: Nutritional, Therapeutic and Antioxidant, balances all the functions of the organism, which promotes a harmonious psyche by dispelling illnesses from the body, providing us with a lot of energy, and putting off any signs of ageing. This way, it leads us up to the end of our paths free from disease and enjoying a high quality of life.