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MORINGA Canary Island

We are a family business dedicated to the ecological cultivation of Moringa Oleífera on the Island of Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

When we met Moringa Oleífera five years ago, we were trapped by its potential to generate life and by its active ingredients that help ward off suffering and create harmony.

In the business adventure of going through three years of existence to create a Plantation with fifty thousand trees in their maximum splendor, we have not been alone. It is possible thanks to so many people of all conditions, ages and nationalities, also trapped by the mystery of a plant that preserves life, keeps disease away, contributes to reaching the end of the life cycle with quality of life due to its fascinating antioxidant power.

The Tree of Life

Known as The Tree of Life since ancient times, derived from the ancient wisdom of traditional medicine from India and Asia, the plant was implanted in Africa and America centuries ago. We want to publicize the uses, virtues and potential of Moringa in Europe, where the news of its existence has recently arrived.

Many Europeans hear about Moringa Oleífera for the first time and succumb to its legend when they see the benefits it brings them. We want to create a network of ‘Friends of Moringa’, who tell us about their experience, who contribute their testimonies, who share our enthusiasm, to whom we open the doors of our Plantation.

Friends of the Moringa

We are encouraged by the testimonies of many people, such as Susana, with rheumatoid arthritis who calls us to tell us how her life has changed, or Ana, a tourist who from Estonia asks us to send the product because it is very good for her anemia, or Javier who consumes it for his lupus and irritable colon and his life is more harmonious, or Alfonso, who has controlled his type 2 diabetes and improved his quality of life.

Our purpose is to continue cultivating the Organic Moringa Oleífera to make it known and reach many people like these friends, who want to have a more dignified life, away from suffering and disease. This plant is not magic, but it gives health and prolongs life and is a great complement to the body-mind-psyche balance.


Our commitment to the rigor and honesty with which we live life and the desire for harmony leads us every day to work with passion and joy. For all this we want to count on you.

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