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Our Work

MORINGA Canary Island

We are a family company dedicated to the cultivation of organic Moringa Oleifera. A project born in Tenerife, Canary Islands. Next spring will mark three years since the beginning of our adventure.

When five years ago we discovered Moringa Oleífera, we were captivated by its life-generating potential and by the active principles that contribute conclusively to dispel suffering and generate harmony. In the business adventure up to now, with fifty thousand trees reaching their maximum splendour today, we have not been alone.


The Tree of Life

It has been possible thanks to the contribution of many people of different nationalities, ages and conditions, who’d also been captivated by the mistery of a plant that preserves life, dispels diseases, and contributes to reaching the end of life with a solid quality of life due to its fascinating Antioxidant power.

Known as The Tree of Life since ancient times in India, it comes from the millenary wisdom of traditional medicine native to India and Asia. The plant was introduced in Africa and America centuries ago. We want to spread its uses, virtues and potentialities around Europe, where the news of its existence has arrived recently.

Friends of Moringa

Many European citizens that first hear about Moringa Oleifera succumb to its legend when once they realize the benefits it provides them with. We want to create a large network of ‘Friends of Moringa’ in which people relate their experience to us, contribute with their testimonies, ask us about it and share our enthusiasm. Everyone is very welcome to visit our plantation.

We are encouraged by a lot of people. Like Susana, who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and calls us to relate how it has changed her life, or like Ana, a tourist that orders our product from Estonia because it helps with her anemia. And Javier, that takes it for Lupus and irritable bowel and found that his life is now more harmonious, or Alfonso, that has been able to control his diabetes type II, improving his quality of life.


Our purpose is to keep growing Moringa Oleifera in Tenerife and to make its broader distribution possible, reaching people that, like the testimonies above, want to live a more honourable life, far from suffering and disease. This plant is not magic, but it provides with health and lengthens life, being a magnificent complement for the body-mind-psyche balance.

The commitment to rigour and honesty with which we live our lifes and a strong desire for harmony lead us to work every day with passion and bliss. And this, we entrust to you.