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Moringa Oleifera 6+1 Offer

154,00 132,00

With your order of 6 bottles of Moringa Oleifera, we’ll send you an extra one for free!

6 + 1 bottles containing 120 capsules of pure leaf extract (57,6g each).


100% Moringa Oleifera, grown on the rich, volcanic soil of the Canary islands and certified by European authorities,

Two to four capsules a day contain vitamins, proteins and minerals in elevated and balanced doses, and every single essential amino acid needed in your daily diet.

Its nutritional qualities are matched by a vast array of powerful health benefits. Antioxidant and anti-inflamatory. Harmonizer of the circulation, metabolism and immune system.


Typical values per 100g Dose
Energy 321Kcal/1343,22Kj 6,1Kcal/25,7Kj
Protein 43,97g 0,844g
Fibre 18,37g 0,353g
Fat 4,41g 0.058g
  of which saturates 1,04g 0,020g
Carbohidrates 17,16g 0,330g
  of which sugars 7,94g 0,152g
Salt 0,21g 0,004g